Survival Guide

Welcome to! In order to "survive" in PrizeZombie Land, there are several tips you can use to help guide you through the site. Please read carefully below and make sure to follow the Survival Guide. This may not cover everything just yet but it will soon cover every aspect. Any questions are encouraged and should be sent HERE. Enjoy!


Welcome to the newly updated PrizeZombie Homepage. We have now entered into Beta Phase 2. There are several areas to address on this page. We will go over the several boxes listed on the page and go in detail about those boxes.

The Profile box located under the PrizeZombie logo is new. We added the ability to upload a profile pic and see some highlighted statistics of your account. This is to give you an idea of your membership. At PrizeZombie, your not just another number but we take pride in each and every member that has joined.

Below the Profile box is the New Offers box. This shows the recently added offers to the PrizeZombie Wall. The box is scrollable and will show the last 50 offers added to our wall. Some will be on the Surveys page whereas the others will take you to the PrizeZombie Wall.

To the right of the New Offers box is the Recently Credited box. This lists the last 50 offers completed on the Special Offers Wall. Click on the name of the network and it will take you to that corresponding wall. This box is also scrollable.

The slideshow above the Recently Credited box is another great utility to track for easy offers and updated information. Click on the pictures and it will take you to the corresponding offer or page.

In this section, you can grab the code listed in the box underneath the banner and spread the word about PrizeZombie. You will earn 10% LIFETIME commission from all referrals that complete offers. We recommend posting your links on Facebook, Twitter, in forums, and there are many more places to get the word out and use your link. You also have the option to hide your username and simply use a number. You may only refer members outside of your household.
Daily Goal

The Daily Goal was made over completely. Instead of having one set goal everyday, we decided to have multiple levels for everyone to complete offers. We have the smaller level set at 40 and ranging to 220. The more you complete in offers, the higher percentage you receive for your work. If you complete over 220 Survival Loot worth of offers, you will receive 20% of that, which is 44 SL. Amazing bonus!

Go here to place your codes. We give out codes every once and a while. We have set limitations on who can redeem these codes. We put more emphasis in offers in Beta Phase 2 because it is what will make our members the most and keep PrizeZombie going. As a result, if a member has completed 50 SL worth of offers the last 7 days, they will be be given the opportunity to redeem the code.
Shop & Earn

Welcome to the Shop & Earn section of PrizeZombie. You can make purchases and receive Survival Loot in return. Go to the Shop & Earn section and find a site you want to buy something from. In a couple of days, PrizeZombie will be notified and you will see pending Survival Loot under "My Shop &Earn" that is located in the menu bar at the top under your username. PrizeZombie attempts to offer the best return.

Currently, the Shop & Earn section has almost 140 sites to shop from. More will be added and any suggestions on which sites you want, send in a ticket. In order to successfully get credit, please clear your cache and hit the button.

We compiled a variety of offers from advertisers and created our own offer wall in addition to the 13 other offer walls we provide. We are still adding offers each and every week. There will be more offers added for many different countries.

In order to ensure crediting of offers, here are some tips:

  • Enable your computer to accept all cookies (tools--->options--->privacy). This will allow the site to track which offers you do.
  • Set your computer to allow pop ups (tools--->options--->content). Some offers have pop ups you have to view in order to get credit.
  • Create an email address (yahoo, hotmail, etc.). This will be the email address to submit while doing offers.
  • Always make sure to clear your cookies, cache and history before every offer you complete.
  • Never complete the same offer more than once unless you were not paid the first time or the offer specifies it is okay(this does not apply to video offers). This can cause advertisers to remove their offers from our site. If you continue to complete any offer more then once you can be deactivated.
  • During an offer, let each page load fully before you proceed to the next page. The advertisers whose offer you are completing wants you to really look at the advertisements they place before you and if you go through too fast, they will not give you credit for completing.
  • Do not race through any offer you do. Make sure they are done correctly.
  • Be honest! Use your real name, address, etc...
  • After you complete an offer, try to leave the browser open for several minutes. This allows the advertiser plenty of time for your link to be tracked and is imperative for getting your credit for the offer.
  • When you are finished completing an offer, make sure to check the email address that you used to see if you need to confirm it. If you do not confirm the offers that require such action, you will not get credit.
  • Make sure to take screenshots of completed offers so that if they do not credit you can send in a ticket and PrizeZombie will contact the appropriate advertiser. Please remember that if you were not paid that also means we were not paid. We promise that we will do our best to make sure you get the credit you deserve.
  • Be patient. Most offers are instant but some offers can take up to a week to credit.
  • Do not complete a lot of offers for the same advertiser at once. For some offers an advertiser will only allow use of one unique email address for per offer (usually you see this with quiz or offer path type of offers)
  • Do not use deceptive means to complete offers, this includes the use of a proxy, using the 'dot trick' with your email address, or using a throw away email address


We search far and wide for surveys that will appeal to our members and most likely to credit. Most surveys are daily and will be available each and every day. We also try and find surveys based on countries.

CrowdFlower makes tasks available daily.

Coupons are here for you if you need them. PrizeZombie is working on a way to credit users for using printed coupons. Please continue to use these for now while PrizeZombie finds a solution.
Reward Store

Our Reward Store now offers gift cards at face value. We have over 100 gift cards and would add more if requested. The new feature to the store as well as the lower face value prices is the Family Discount button. This takes you to the new Discount area.

Discounts to our most popular gift cards are available. We call this the Family Discount. This will only be given to members that cash out one of the $25 gift cards listed in the discount area. Then the lock will be lifted and you will be able to purchase gift cards at a lower value.
Survival Game

Our new PrizeZombie Survival Game is based on how many Survival Clix you have received throughout the day. Click a square and you will be taken to another tab where you will need to fill out the captcha correctly and wait to see if you are a winner. Simply close the tab and go back to the Survival Game and continue. Everyone gets 1 Daily Survival Clix. Please note that at 12am Eastern Standard Time all clix left from the previous day will be removed. BE SURE TO USE ALL SURVIVAL CLIX BEFORE MIDNIGHT EST EVERYDAY. This way you do not lose out on any clix and potential Survival Loot. More are available by watching YouTube videos or by completing offers more than 10 SL. What you can win is listed in the box beside the grid.

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